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The Legend

The Taste of Ghana 'Golden Spoon'

There is a very ancient folklore about a great Ghanaian food maker that once lived. The story goes that people from all over the world sought the recipes and techniques of this divine food maker who always served food using a special golden spoon with a black star emblem on its handle.

News spread far and abroad, across the Atlantic and beyond the Sahara, everyone wondered what made the meals so heavenly. Although the great food maker’s goal and delight was to fill bellies and spread hope and joy, there were many who plotted to steal the spoon in hopes that they would wield the powers they believed it possessed.

It was not long before the spoon mysteriously vanished, along with the food maker, and neither have been seen or heard of in over a thousand years.

A legend exists that predicts the return of a certain golden spoon bearing a particular signature, an emblem of quality, crafted personally by this food maker and sprinkled with magical flavours and spices from an unknown land.

Only a few know of this legend, even fewer can say they’ve seen it. All we know is that various verified testimonies point to a day and a location where the mythical golden spoon, and possibly the famed food maker, will reappear. The myth goes that anyone who witnesses this sighting is guaranteed to enjoy the most tasteful and delicious food they’ve ever and possibly will ever taste in their lifetime. The golden spoon represents the presence of the great spirit of the food maker, and everyone who is present at the sighting will be blessed with the best food experience ever!

It is also believed that a sighting will happen only once every thousand years. Nania by Achimba, a food and taste curator, has deciphered when and where the next sighting will be – do you want to be there, or do you want to wait a thousand years?

This is the legend of the Taste of Ghana ‘Golden Spoon’ – ENTER to witness this magic unravel!

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